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Today is a good day to start envisioning your future!

myiodd helps you boost your retirement savings


A brighter future with myiodd

We understand retirement might not be an exciting topic. Sometimes, regulations are complicated or it’s just hard to start saving for retirement early in life, especially when the future feels so far away. We, at myiodd, are Swiss HR, financial and tax experts and we want to encourage you rethink retirement, by helping you access the right information to make meaningful decisions in due time. To that end, we provide guidance on financial planning, with hard facts and figures from your own situation, determine your investor profile together and we take care of your tax filing.

Your benefits with myiodd


A team of Swiss HR, financial and tax experts available


myiodd is based and hosted and has been developed in Switzerland


simple and fast registration, we are fully digital


annual fees with no hidden costs

Who’s myiodd?

myiodd is the solution to rethink retirement in Switzerland.
We are HR, financial and tax experts, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our goal with myiodd is to help redefine retirement, which is one of the greatest financial worry for workers. Thanks to myiodd, we believe people will have a full and clear vision so that they can start exploring their financial possibilities and saving for retirement.
Developed and hosted in Switzerland, we want everyone to be able to use myiodd to start planning their financial future. Download the App or sign in on the website to create your profile!

myiodd connects you to our HR, financial & tax experts


Our team is available for you

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Start planning your financial future

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Discover your investor profile

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Tax report

Outsource the preparation of your annual tax filing

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649 CHF/year

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499 CHF/year

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Valid for more than 2 annual subscriptions
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Geneva, Switzerland

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