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The annual tax filing is part of your subscription to myiodd. The tax filings are executed by qualified tax professionals.

The detailed questionnaire will allow us to fill in your tax filing on an annual basis, taking the burden away from you each year. You will also need to verify whether you qualify for the standard plan and do not belong to one of the categories mentioned below:

  • You do not have an independent activity
  • You own only 1 property in which you do not live yourself
  • You do not wish to announce a special tax situation to the tax authorities
  • You do not send us detailed medical expenses but will provide us with a list of your claims to the insurance company
  • You are not a professional securities dealer
  • You do not have international income/assets to declare (to be reviewed in detail, this might trigger additional fees)


A detailed process will guide you through the checklist with questions & upload of documents for your tax filing.