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Start planning your financial future

Our goal is to inspire you to think ahead of time, regardless of age, and boost your savings to ensure your financial future. These are directions to explore and we can guide you there. We list relevant company names on the App should you wish to go further.

Pension plan (LPP)

Many unpredictable things can happen in life, when the pension fund under coverage can have a material impact on someone’s financial situation. Any lack of coverage presented should be a goal to cover and ensure to fulfil one’s financial objectives.

Potential tax savings

We are often not aware of the tax savings that can be made and have a substantial impact on someone’s financial situation.

2nd pillar buyback

A voluntary purchase of pension benefits is financially interesting. Anyone investing elsewhere would have to earn a return of around 10% to generate the same capital after 10 years. However, buybacks are possible and worthwhile only if three conditions are met:

  • If you have a pension gap or a coverage shortfall, for example due to recent arrival in Switzerland and not having paid pension contributions since age 25;
  • Those who have withdrawn part of their retirement capital to buy a residential property first have to repay this advance withdrawal before they can buy back again. Until full reimbursement, previous tax benefits will not be cancelled;
  • In case of buyback, you need to ensure your pension fund is in a healthy financial situation (coverage ratio of 100% or more).;

Buybacks are usually the most effective if carried out 3 to 10 years before retirement. They usually have the greatest tax benefits during this time frame. The earlier you buy back, the more the tax benefits are impacted. It is important to note that no lump-sum withdrawals are permitted within 3 years of buying back.

3rd pillar

When paying AVS and pension fund contributions, you may be lulled into a false sense of security. For most people, the benefits from the 1st and 2nd pillars are not enough to continue with their accustomed standard of living. You can nevertheless take advantage of the many pension coverage options of voluntary pillars 3a/3b in addition to obligatory 1st and 2nd pillars to avoid income gaps in retirement and protect yourself and your partner against the risks of disability or in case of death

Not only you have to think about retirement or a worst-case scenario but you need to anticipate as much as possible, in terms of retirement savings, protection in the event of death or disability, protection of your partner or generally planning your financial future. Many institutions offer relevant planning tools

Microsavings & saving plan

Regular savings can have a huge impact and very often can be made on a small scale. When planned correctly, for example with monthly payments, the impact on your financial situation can be reduced. Concerning long-term savings, the amounts cumulate quickly as they also include the financial performance of the invested funds. Robo-advisory tools are today available for even smaller amounts, you don’t need to be a millionaire to invest professionally.

Financial planning per year

You intend to reduce your activity rate or start early retirement, then you better plan ahead to ensure your financial resources are sufficient. The planning table will allow you to have an overview at a glance and facilitate the discussions with your financial partners. When considering early retirement, make sure to contact your AVS institution and your pension fund as the cost can turn out to be very high.